Our compact LED driver for nightclubs is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance their lighting experience.
This device can be control with DMX,
allowing you to have complete control over your lighting setup.
With 11 different effects at your fingertips,
you can easily create a dynamic and immersive environment for your guests.
The driver can control a lot of LEDs, making it suitable for even the largest of venues.

Flash firmware:

Install DMX2LEDs (DMX mode):

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Install WLED (Wifi mode):

  • Use the Link
  • Data_1 = GPIO_18
  • Data_2 = GPIO_26

DMX Channel:

Chan Nomal mode Alt mode
1 Red Red
2 Green Green
3 Blue Blue
4 Dimmer Dimmer
5 Speed Speed
6 Strobe speed Strobe speed
7 Strobe general Strobe general
8 Strobe Mode
9 Mode 1
10 Mode 2
11 Mode 3
12 Mode 4
13 Mode 5
14 Mode 6
15 Mode 7
16 Mode 8
17 Mode 9



DIP switch:



LEDs 12V