Compact adressable LED driver for nightclubs with E1.31, Art-Net, HTTP, MQTT, ...


Compact adressable LED driver for nightclubs with DMX control

LEDs Matrix shades

Light up the night with our LED Glasses - customizable and eye-catching.


An accessory to add wifi and bluetooth to a gameboy advance and more

LEDs Hat V2

Hat Man, work as a 128x32 screen using my Wifi LEDs controller

Twitch emote LEDs matrix

Firmware to display Twitch chat emotes directly on RGB LEDs matrix

Wifi LEDs controller lite

A WiFi RGB LEDs controller, It uses an esp32 and can control lots of different LEDs strips

LEDs Master

LEDs master is a software for controlling big RGB LED matrix


Voxel raster graphics rendering engine inspired by Voxel Space

Minitel HD

An updated version of the French Minitel. It has an HD screen and the keyboard is USB compatible

Business Card USB gamepad

My business card which can be used as an USB Joystick

Burning Man RGB Badge

Small PCB badge with some RGB LEDS and preprogrammed animations

LEDs Hat V1

Hat for Buring Man, work as a 64x8 screen running at 120Hz using my Wifi LEDs controller

Eiffel Tower: Burning Man 2019

Eiffel Tower is a art made for Dusty Frogz camp using ESP32 LEDs controller

Plantoid Garden : Burning Man 2018

Plantoid Garden is a art project made for Burning Man

Multiprotocol Radio

RC radio to control all your drone ( Wifi, Bluetooth, Frsky, DSMX, Flysky, ... )

Wifi LEDs controller

A WiFi RGB LEDs controller can drive 8160 RGB LEDs

We Sing

( Wii, PS3, PS4 )

La Voz 3

( Wii, PS3 )

We Sing Now

The World's First Premium On-Demand Singing Game


42 school project

Super Flappy Bros

A flappy bird clone writing in Lua ( PC, Mobile, Web )


Pushing boxes game for Nintendo DS